About the Handling of Personal Information

NGS Advanced Fibers Co., Ltd. respects our customers' privacy and considers it an important task to carefully handle our customers' personal information.
When it comes to this website, we pay serious attention to laws and ordinances pertaining to personal data protection, and observe such laws and ordinances as well as in-house rules for safe and proper management and use of personal information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

As a general principle, we will use personal data provided by our customers only within the scope of carrying out our business, offering our products, services, or related information to our customers, improving our products or services, or conducting our hiring activities.
When we acquire and use personal information for a purpose other than the above, we will provide details concerning the purpose, method, and scope, and will obtain prior consent of the owner of the personal information concerned.

Collection of Personal Information

NGS Advanced Fibers Co., Ltd. in principle, acquires personal information from our customers only on a voluntary basis and will never collect our customers' personal information without notice.

Management of Personal Information

We will not disclose or provide the personal information to any third party, except in the following cases:

(1)Where the consent of the customer concerned has been obtained

(2)Where personal information is to be disclosed in forms in which individuals cannot be identified

(3)Where, for the sake of smooth service performance or similar purposes, an operation is entrusted to an outside contractor (in such cases, we will select a contractor that has adequate protections in place, and will conduct appropriate management by placing the contractor under obligations by means of an agreement or through other methods.)

(4)Where disclosure is required by law or regulatory authority

Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

If you have any requests regarding your personal information, such as for disclosure or correction thereof, or if you have complaints or desire to speak with someone with regard to the handling of personal information, please contact us at the number or address given below. If we receive an inquiry, we will first verify your identity to prevent leaks of personal information, and will promptly respond to your inquiry by taking reasonable and appropriate measures. If you request the disclosure of your personal information, please note that it will take a certain number of days to extract data and prepare an appropriate explanation, and that you may be asked to bear handling fees as deemed appropriate taking the actual expenses into consideration. Your understanding is appreciated.

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